1. When you thumbs up an Artist/Venue, they receive a notification to their profile of the match request. If your notification bell at the top right of your screen is lit up, you have potential matches waiting to be reviewed! 



2. Clicking on the notification icon opens your inbox, which displays any incoming matches. These are artists/venues that have liked your profile, but you haven't reviewed quite yet. Click on the ‘View Matches’ button to view them!



3. If you’re interested in the user that has matched with you, click on ‘Chat with Artist/Host’ to get in touch with them! This opens a show thread which puts you in direct contact with the other user and begins the booking process (more info on that here). The other user will also be notified that you have responded positively!



4. Not feeling any of your match requests? No problem - click on ‘Dismiss’ to remove the match from your screen - the other party isn’t notified, and will have to wait a while before being able to attempt to match with you again.


5. That's it! Keep an eye on your email to hear about any successful match requests, and keep an eye on your notifications to respond to any potential matches that didn't come up in the search page.