1. Visit the login link below to sign in to your Side Door Account. If you have yet to do this, please go back and create an Account and then create your Artist Profile, to enable your schedule builder.


Side Door Login


2. Once you are signed in to your Account, select the Artist Profile you would like to set availability for by clicking on your icon at the top right corner of the screen and selecting the appropriate Profile.



3. Click on ‘My Schedule’ at the top of the page to enter the Schedule Builder. Setting your availability moves your Artist Profile higher up in search results, and gives hosts an idea of exactly when you're hoping to be in their area!




4. The Schedule Builder will open, along with a blank map. Click on 'Add A Pin' at the bottom left to begin building your schedule and setting your availability.


5. Type in the location you'd like to search for, as well as the radius of the search size. This is where a pin will be dropped, your Artist Profile will be prioritized for visibility, and hosts within that area will be able to view your availability. Click 'Next' when you're satisfied with your pin's location - you'll have a chance to add more later!



6. Set the date range for your availability for this particular pin. The beginning and end of this range are added individually: start by clicking on the first date, adjusting it to your preference, clicking on OK, and then clicking on the second date. Your range can be as flexible or as specific as you'd like. When you're satisfied with your pin's date range, click 'Save' to finalize the pin. 



7. The Schedule Builder will reappear, with your newly-dropped pin displayed on the map. That pin's availability is now being broadcast to all potential Venue matches within its location! If you'd like to drop another pin, click 'Add a Pin' again in the bottom left and repeat steps 6 and 7 above. 



8. To edit or remove any saved pins, click on 'Manage Schedule' in the bottom right hand corner of the Schedule Builder. From the next Schedule screen, click on any individual pin to edit or remove it. 



9. From the Schedule screen, you'll also be able to see the status of each individual pin: 


10. That's it! All potential Venue matches that are within the range of your dropped pin will now be able to see your availability for that area when viewing your artist profile. You’ll also be able to see what date/time a Venue is responding to when it shows up in your match notification page (what is this?).