Protect yourself and your property by taking a moment to consider that although hosting is loads of fun, it is not without risk. 


At this time, Side Door does not have an insurance policy that extends to Hosts. We recommend Hosts double-check their own liability insurance before their first show, as every jurisdiction/insurance policy is different, and for Hosts to know their options in case something happens in their space. We always suggest having basic property insurance that covers your property and belongings, as well as protecting you if someone injures themselves on your property. 


Please note that Side Door is not the presenter/promoter in these shows, but rather the agent/platform/service, facilitating an agreement between you and the Artist. Side Door is currently investigating ways to offer extended liability insurance to Hosts for shows and events. We are also starting to proactively discuss these issues with city officials. 


If you are nervous about being perceived as running a business by by-law officers or your insurer, you could donate your split to the Performer and encourage guests to purchase tickets online in advance so you are not managing money in any way. 


Our terms of service outline the role of Side Door as the booking/ticketing facilitator, as well as the roles of Hosts and Artists, so we recommend reading that if you have not already. We clarify how ticketing is handled, payouts are handled and how we safely handle private information. In addition to knowing your options, please consider following proactive measures such as: 

  • Ensuring your space is accessible and pathways are cleared of cords, wires, furniture, or anything someone can trip over

  • In the winter time, making sure your driveway/walkways are cleared and salted 

  • Ensuring spaces are well-lit

  • All sharp objects and breakables are put away

  • Close doors to rooms you don’t want people accessing

  • If you are hosting an all-ages show, think about having a quiet separate space for children and/or nursing mothers 

  • Designate one or two people at the show who can help keep an eye out for any dangers and/or warning signs of any issues

  • Having a first aid kit on hand, stocked, and within reach

  • Having emergency phone numbers in a visible place 

  • Putting signage up when needed 

  • Being available for your guests’ questions and needs

  • Having cab contact information and/or a designated driver available 


Please note: we actively promote inclusivity, compassion and kindness at our shows and will be vigilant to remove any abusers of this system. 


Bottom line - this is not without risk. But we are working with you to ensure that a) it's a safe environment and b) it's not presenting undue risk to anyone.